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Henric Nilsson

Managing Partner, Russia


T: +7 812 319 93 60
M: +7 965 090 53 10

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Management Consulting
Executive Search
Sales Performance Development
Market Entry Consulting



Bolshaya Zelenina 24,
197110 St. Petersburg, Russia


Henric is Managing Partner of Human Search / Taplow Russia. Henric started the operations in Russia during 2007 and is since then living there. He makes extensive business trips within the CIS and the Baltics States. He is focused on the region since the beginning of the nineties and has a deep knowledge of the specifics of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

A long experience in management, sales and entrepreneurship both on local and international level is evident in Henric’s professional background. During his time in Business Sweden (Swedish Trade Council) he supported the market entry for Swedish SMEs, worked with business development and recruitment in the Baltic States and Ukraine. Later on as International Sales Manager working in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia he gained a wide international experience by working closely with local Managing Directors of distribution companies.

Henric consults Country Directors in management, recruitment and sales to support them in their development of the international subsidiaries they manage in the CIS and Baltic region. In frequent meetings with directors in headquarters he explains how to handle the specific challenges of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. With his experience of change management and executive search he can support international companies to succeed in the region.

“To build up the most proactive executive search process of the CIS and Baltic region starting from 2007 was a challenging but fascinating task. It was surprising to see the lack of the direct search concept in this market, we felt like pioneers when establishing Human Search and in fact we still sometimes feel like that. Speedy growth, sudden crisis and then growth again made it even more interesting. Every year we see how more and more HR people, local and expatriate directors see the efficiency of direct executive search as instrumental to their companies’ development. It is a pleasure to manage and continue to develop Human Search and establish Taplow in benefit of international companies in the region. Our Swedish roots in combination with internationally experienced local consultants with detailed regional knowledge bring precision and quality to even the most difficult management placements. On top of this a global reach thanks to Taplow Group.” Henric speaks fluent Swedish, English and Russian.