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Expertise and coverage in: Armenia, Azerbaijan ,Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Georgia,
Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia , Slovenia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.


Taplow Eastern Europe / Human Search is a Swedish owned executive search company with operations in Eastern Europe since 2007. Our senior consultants provide executive search in the CIS, Baltic States and across Eastern Europe. By providing executive search and management consulting Taplow Eastern Europe supports local and international companies with finding the best local managers, executives, expatriates and board members. The senior consultants have many years executive search experience of attracting and placing executives that successfully can manage the leadership challenges of the area. The company is known for its proactive direct search approach and high-quality standards among the international business community across Eastern Europe and within many EMEA headquarters of global companies.



Human Search / Taplow Eastern Europe is 49% owned by Taplow Sweden and 51% by Managing Partner Henric Nilsson. Henric started the operations in Eastern Europe during 2007 and is since then living there. He has extensive business within the CIS and the Baltic States and makes numerous HQ visits across Europe. Henric has a deep knowledge of the markets and economies in the region.



The professional consultants of Taplow Eastern Europe extensively map relevant companies from which they pro-actively and discretely attract the best candidates. Taplow Eastern Europe never depends on limited networks or databases but real active direct search is the core of our process. The combination of a pro-active and well-structured process with experienced and fully employed consultants offers a solid service delivery to international clients in a challenging region.

The consultants have many years’ experience of placing top managers in both large cities in the CIS and the Baltic States as well as in production zones throughout the region. They also have extensive international search experience with numerous placements in Eastern Europe and relocation of expatriates to the CIS. All consultants are used of working both with local CEOs and HRDs as well as with VP HR and VP EMEA within Europe with a profound understanding on how to balance local/regional reality and international requirements.



Taplow Eastern Europe also offers outplacement, second opinion, assessment and business partner search.



Human Search / Taplow Eastern Europe ведет свою деятельность в России с 2007 года. У компании в России 2 офиса – в Москве и в Санкт-Петербурге. Taplow Russia оказывает услуги Executive search в России, странах СНГ и Восточной Европы. Среди широкого спектра услуг, которые Human Search / Taplow Eastern Europe успешно предоставляет своим клиентам, можно выделить следующие:

  • Подбор персонала на руководящие должности;
  • Профессиональный поиск топ-менеджеров, генеральных директоров, членов совета директоров;
  • Обзор и сравнительный анализ заработных плат;
  • Составление мэппингов, исследование рынка;
  • Консалтинг в области управления человеческим капиталом;
  • Оценка и развитие команды талантов и др.

Консультанты компании – опытные, высококвалифицированные сотрудники, которые будут рады оказать вам поддержку и консультацию по поиску кандидатов.


Expertise and coverage in: Armenia, Azerbaijan ,Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Georgia,
Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia , Slovenia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.



Taplow Eastern Europe is providing executive search and human capital services within most types of industries but with an extra focus on FMCG, production, retail, logistics, automotive, construction, education, financial services and online.

In a challenging region such as Poland, Baltic States, Russia and the CIS, General Directors/CEOs, Finance Directors/CFOs, Country Managers and Board Members are crucial to safeguard investments and develop the business. Taplow Russia is known for its excellence in attracting and placing the most reliable and successful executives. The company is also extensively placing Sales Directors and other critical top salespeople that boost its clients’ development in the region.

Taplow Eastern Europe executive search consultants have many years’ experience of placing all kinds of management team members for international companies, also in specific fields like compliance, digital marketing, PR, procurement, R&D and supply chain. The knowledge of production zones of the CIS and Baltic region is extensive in the company, having made numerous successful placements of plant directors, chief engineers, quality directors, lean managers etc. since 2008.



The need for change management is extensive in the CIS, and Taplow Eastern Europe executive search consultants have a vast experience of analysing the need for change to effectively provide human capital services and executive search management consulting. They accordingly have made numerous key replacements of executives in international companies to improve the performance of their clients regionally.

For companies entering the region Taplow Eatern Europe offers a safe and quality focused market entry by solid human capital services, executive search, assessment, background check and placement of the most suitable and reliable executives to start up the business in the region.



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